2 Girls Teach Sex Presents: THE HOTTEST SEX POSITIONS OF 2010!

Let’s talk about …Sex Positions!

Hey there… and welcome to my special report,”The Top Sex Positions Of 2010”!

If you’d like to discover some naughty new positions that will have your girl pulsating with pleasure, then you are in for a treat!

There are a lot of fancy positions out there, but some of them are more “Show” than “go”..

In this report, I ‘m only going to share my FAVORITE positions for incredible orgasms.

There are the positions that feel BEST to us girls. So when you use them your girl knows right away that you REALLY know your moves =)

Sooo let’s get right into it…..

 The Lazy Cradle

Let’s start with one of the hottest! The Lazy Cradle will give your girl a naughty workout she won’t soon forget. Start in missionary position, then lean back and pull her pelvis up onto your thighs. You trust from a kneeling position while holding her thighs underneath. This position creates an AMAZING angle for G-spot stimulation that your girl will love =)

 The Deep Stick

This moves makes for an easy and sexy transition from The Lazy Cradle. Have your girl raise her legs and wrap her ankles around your neck. This allows deep penetration, as you thrust while in a kneeling position.Yum =)

 The Bevel

This is a complex position so take it slow=) Have your girl place one of her legs on your shoulder and stretch the other one out.  The bevel positions takes this old Kama Sutra pose one step extra; instead of your girl changing the position of her legs, you spread your legs in a kneeling position and sit on top of her other thigh . Your girl’s body squeezes you delightfully while you penetrate her at an angle that feels ohhh so good.

 Pirate’s Bounty

This is another position that works best when your girls is elevated.Put your girl on a pillow and have her spread her legs. Your girl’s legs are kept inside of your arms so he can bend them back over your forearms. This is not only a comfortable position but also one that you both can sustain for a while. Also a great position for face touching.

The Chapel

This move is relatively easy for your girl and definitely comes with perks for you. She lies on the edge on the bed and spreads her legs wide. You grab on to her ankles on her feet while you thrust in a standing positions. She gets deep penetration while you get a clear view of her sexy body.



 The Coachman

This is a challenging angle, but it’s not as hard as it looks. (Although it will make you plenty hard when you try it =)) Your girl lies stomach down on the bed and pushes herself towards the edge where she can meet you. She stretches out one leg straight on the edge of the bed and keeps her other leg on the floor. Bending your tightly, clutching the sheets in ecstacy.Don’t forget to give her a light smack on her butt =)

 The Parallel

For this wild positions, have your girl sit on your lap facing each other. Have her spread her legs wide and move them forward, so that her feet touch the bed. Adjust your body and hers so that you can penetrate. You can choose to slip your arms under her knees or simply grab hold of her breasts. If there is too much strain on you, she can support some of her weight with her arms.

 Reverse Cow Girl

If you’re crazy about the butt, you can’t do much better than Reverse Cow Girl. Lie on your back and have your girl sit on your lap, facing away from you, either kneeling or squatting. She can be leaning forward or holding her chest straight up. From there, you can grab her ankles or even better….grab her hair or grab her good spanking =)

 The Empress

This position is similar to the Lazy Cradle, except that this time, you sit back and take it easy. Lie on your back while she kneels and lowers herself onto your lap. She sits on your lap, while leaning back and supporting herself on her hands. She moves her legs forward and bends her knees, keeping her feet flat on the bed. She rides you using her hands and feet, all the while you touch and grope her legs. You could look up and enjoy the sensation or hold your hand upright to get a great shot of your girl’s naughty places.

BONUS: For the best G-spot orgasm have her lean back, supporting her weight on her hands.

Dominating Doggy

Doggy style is just about every girl’s FAVORITE…and here’s how to take it to the next level! It starts out as normal, then lean over her body, taking her down to the bed. Still inside her, thrust away while holding her by the head, pinning her against the sheets.Mmmm =)

Expert’s Tips: Since this is a dominant move, take the dominant role all the way and talk like her “Sex Master”. Be confident, powerful and talk dirty (if she’s into it). Using a dominant position and a dominant frame of mind, you can help her play the role of submissive, orgasming student.


Alright that wraps up the HOTTEST Sex Positions of 2010!

If you’re not breaking the bedroom door down and taking your girlfriend over your shoulder right this instant, well then what are you waiting for? Get in there turbo =)

Oh; and remember this important tip when trying these out!

Don’t ask, tell!

Be confident that you both will both enjoy it… and you will!

I really hope you enjoyed this report… and that you enjoy trying out these positions with your girl.

If you want to see explicit video demonstrations of these positions….plus get DOZENS od other secrets to being the best your girl has ever had….be sure to check out my DVD series, 2Girls Teach Sex


You’ll be glad you did =)


Shawna Lenee & The 2 Girls teach Sex Coaches

P.S. If you enjoyed this report I’d love to hear about it! It makes me so happy to know that people are using my secrets to have great sex =) Please leave a comment on my blog, here:


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